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CEPN stands for Community Education Provider Network.  We are a second wave pilot in Camden, set up with seed funding from HENCEL (Health Education North Central and East London).  CEPN supports the workforce planning, education and training of our local community across health and social care both now and in preparing for the future.  CEPN is a multi-agency project that was developed in partnership with a number of organisations.  Camden CCG led the development of the bid and is now leading on the implementation of CEPN.  The project is managed by Community Matters.

Camden CEPN aims to:

  • Strategically co-ordinate education and training for the workforce across health and social care.
  • Support the delivery of a workforce meeting the needs of the local population and improving health and social care outcomes.
  • Deliver an integrated approach to workforce development, through intelligence-led commissioning of education and training.

If you would like to find out more please look at our summary presentations.

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